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  • Dog Training Judgement

    Dog Training Judgement

    I want to start off this post by once again saying, I am not a dog trainer. I am not here to give training advice other than to say what did and do not work for me. Everyone should always consult a trainer they trust before starting any kind of training. Get the opinions of those that know your dog and those that you trust.  With that out of the way, it's been very upsetting to watch the deep divide that has happened between dog training styles. For those unaware, there is two very common styles of dog training.  Balanced...

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    Welcome to our top 10 dog names of this decade. This information has come from central intelligence, and it is our top secret mission to bring this to you. It's very important to ensure our history books chronicle the most important of events, and we believe this needs to be carefully circulated and divulged to the masses.  Below is the most collectively used names for dogs. There were a couple in there we could not include (this article is rated PG and all F bombs have been removed), so please bear that in mind if you feel some are missing....

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  • Why We Love SodaPup

    Why We Love SodaPup

    Phew, it's been awhile. Despite the radio silence, we have actually been quite busy over here. After a quick stint in rehab (for the dog not for me) we were able to get back to our old puppy shenanigans - but with a new set of rules. And since I can't snuggle my dog quite like I used to (I'll update more on that soon), we are using that extra time to jump start our business and source some new products.    It wasn't easy finding a product that I thought fit our lifestyle. I wanted to offer other dog...

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  • Group Doggie Classes Is Not Our Jam

    Group Doggie Classes Is Not Our Jam

    So I know my dog trainer didn't give "failures" and "passes" - but if she did we would get a big doggie D- in her class. You know how there is always one dog who barks slightly more than all the others? Having my dog in group doggie classes was like having that dog constantly bark at you through the whole class (and when I say the whole class I do mean it), plus some additional lunging and trying to kill dogs. Oh, and sprinkle that with a few bites to me and my boyfriend...and that is what is was...

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  • Stop Putting Your Dog in Danger

    Stop Putting Your Dog in Danger

    Call me a drama queen, but I am so sick of watching dogs being put in danger purely because your dog is not ready to be off leash. I love a friendly dog as much as the next person, but that doesn’t mean your dog is ready to be off leash.    Picture this, your “friendly” dog is strolling along off leash. You see another dog coming on leash and you think no worries my dog is friendly. Suddenly that dog is growing more and more intense but you think, oh what does it matter it’s on a leash. Then...

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  • Muzzling your dog

    Muzzling your dog

    This is a controversial topic for a lot of dog groups, but I have a controversial dog so I think its fitting it gets talked about. Your dog should 100000% be muzzle trained and be comfortable wearing a muzzle. I am fully aware that people think a muzzled dog looks scary or intimidating and people will often cross the road rather than walk by a muzzled dog. If you are reading this and feel this way, its time to update your thinking. Especially since at the heart of it, a muzzled dog is actually less likely to hurt you since it...

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